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Oscilloscopes enhanced to adapt to new tasks

24th June 2019
Mick Elliott

An MSO upgrade option with the 16-channel logic probe has been added to Rigol Technologies’ DS1000Z-Plus low-end oscilloscope series. It allows users to cost-effectively start the DS1000Z-Plus series of oscilloscopes with a low-cost model, and add digital channels to the oscilloscope when needed.

A typical case of using a mixed-signal oscilloscope is the testing of digital-to-analogue converters. In this case, the digital signals must be displayed and analysed time-synchronised with the analogue signal.

Rigol offers this extension for the entry-level models.

The oscilloscope models DS1000Z (-S) are supplied as -Plus devices with the prepared 16-channel logic analyser function.

By purchasing the RPL1116 adapter (16 digital IOs), consisting of a software license and the logic analyser probe with 16 digital inputs, the device can be adapted to new tasks at short notice.

All other options such as serial decoding (RS232 / I2C / SPI), memory expansion (12Mpts to 24Mpts), record function (segmented memory) and the trigger extension are already integrated as standard functions in all devices.

The following "MSO Ready" or -Plus models are available from a starting price of 399 Euro:

DS1074Z -Plus 70MHz, 4-channel oscilloscope

DS1074Z (-S) -Plus 70MHz, 4-channel oscilloscope with integrated arbitrary function generator (2 channels, 25 MHz) as S-version)

DS1104Z -Plus 100MHz, 4-channel oscilloscope

DS1104Z (-S) -Plus 100MHz, 4-channel oscilloscope with integrated arbitrary function generator (2 channels, 25 MHz) as S-version)

In schools and universities, as well as in semi-professional use in the test laboratory, the user can gain initial experience with a low-cost entry-level model and convince himself of the high quality and excellent on-site service provided by Rigol. Later, upgrading will allow even more demanding tasks to be addressed with both analogue and digital channels.

In addition, shortly after the introduction of the extended DS1000Z Plus offensive, Rigol Technologies will also establish the DS2000A and MSO2000A(-S) models with bandwidths of 100 to 300 MHz and a sampling rate of 2GS/sec and two analogue input channels.

The complete options like memory extension to 56MioPts, record function, serial decode (SPI, I2C, RS232), CAN and LIN are delivered as a free of charge promotion.

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