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Oscilloscopes duo target budget-conscious engineers

28th March 2018
Mick Elliott

Two oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarzare in stock at Farnell element14, providing value and performance for all budgets. The Rohde & Schwarz RTC1000 oscilloscope is aimed at a broad range of users from embedded developers and service technicians to educators.

The oscilloscope offers an up to 2 Gsample sampling rate and 2 Msample memory depth along with low-noise measurement enabled with A/D converters. It has versatile measurement functions and fast results.

The instrument has a wide selection of automatic measurement functions including QuickView which allows key results at the press of a button, mask test for easy creation of a new mask with just a few keystrokes and FFT which is an easy way to analyse the signal spectrum.

It is a 10-in-1 oscilloscope embracing an oscilloscope, logic analyser, protocol analyser, waveform and pattern generator, digital voltmeter, component tester, frequency analysis mode and mask test mode

The Rohde & Schwarz RTM3000 is a product that satisfies investment protection at an attractive price. More than just an oscilloscope, it includes a logic analyser, protocol analyser, waveform and pattern generator, digital voltmeter and dedicated operating modes for frequency analysis, mask tests and long data acquisitions. Users can quickly and efficiently debug all types of electronic systems.

Designed as an everyday problem solving tool, the RTM3000 combines the power of ten (10-bit ADC, 10 times the memory of the R&S RTC1000 and a 10.1in. touchscreen) along with a Rohde & Schwarz probe interface, which can be used with all Rohde & Schwarz probes.

The capacitive touchscreen has a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixel. Users can touch the screen to quickly navigate onto pop-up menus and use gesturing to easily scale, zoom and move a waveform, just like using a smartphone.

A Rohde & Schwarz designed 10-bit ADC yields up to a fourfold improvement over conventional 8-bit A/D converters. Users will get sharper waveforms with more signal details.

The instrument offers 40MSample (all channels) and 80MSample (interleaved) acquisition memory depth - 40Msample memory depth is available on each channel if all channels are active. When interleaved, 80Msample is available to capture longer signal sequences for more analysis results. It also has a 10 second boot time

The Rohde & Schwarz RTC1000 and RTM3000 are available from Farnell element14in Europe, Newark element14in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific.

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