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NIWeek 2018: ELVIS III prepares students for industry challenges

22nd May 2018
Mick Elliott

More and more companies need newly-employed graduates to be “game-ready” to take up their tasks as they enter industry. That’s a challenge that National Instruments is looking to meet with the launch of ELVIS III, or to put it slightly more prosaically the Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite III.

NI ELVIS III delivers a platform designed to meet the specific needs of university engineering education. It combines instrumentation on embedded FPGA design and web-based access to measurements and curriculum to create a collaborative active learning environment in the laboratory, studio and flipped classrooms. With application boards designed by industry luminaries including Texas Instruments and Quanser, NI ELVIS III expands the NI ELVIS platform to meet a greater set of course topic across both electronics and mechanical engineering.

Students can benefit from the easy to use, advanced capabilities to work on challenging assignments and gain the necessary skills to design, build and test their projects.

“To become exceptional engineers, students need to be equipped with the right

Hands-on tools and learning resources,” said Kyle Flessner, vice president of the Technology and Manufacturing Group at Texas Instruments. “Our collaboration

with NI to advance project-based learning using NI ELVIS III is the next step in empowering professors and students and transforming engineering education.”

With WiFi, Ethernet and USB connectivity on the ELVIS III, and compatibility with both MAC and PC, students can work together and interact with instruments and online resources to advance their skills to be industry ready.

The education platform is built to teach engineering concepts through the electrical and mechanical curriculum with application boards and online interactive teaching resources developed by leading experts in industry and academia.

Companies like, Digilent, Emona, Quanser and Texas Instruments have developed thought-provoking course experiments that drive understanding of fundamental concepts in electronics, mechatronics and communications.

They provide a path to applying engineering knowledge to authentic design challenges.

Instructors can take advantage of the programmability of ELVIS III with languages such as Lab VIEW and Python to scale curriculum projects or problems to multi-disciplinary applications including those that incorporate the Internet of Things.

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