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Nextreme Value Chiller family provides economical cooling solution

17th May 2023
Paige West

Laird Thermal Systems Nextreme Value Chiller Series of recirculating chillers are now available in 1,200W and 4,500W options.

Offering application-specific configurability, the Nextreme VRC1200 and VRC4500 models are ideal for original equipment manufacturers seeking a reliable, cost-effective cooling solution for medical, industrial, and analytical equipment. 

The two new models complement the existing 2,400W chiller in the Nextreme Value Chiller Series, providing OEM packaged solutions with similar user-friendliness, dependability, and low maintenance as the Nextreme Performance line. The Value Chiller Series is priced more competitively, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious customers.

The Nextreme Value Chiller models use high-performance components that enable efficient cooling well below ambient temperatures to control processes or dissipate heat away from thermally sensitive equipment, such as industrial lasers, electron microscopes and imaging equipment.

The Nextreme Value Chiller Series offers a high coefficient of performance (COP) and can maintain a thermal set point with an accuracy of ±0.5°C in the supply coolant. Users can easily read system status and control temperature setpoints, pressure and alarm settings via the LCD touchscreen display. Other standard features include fluid level sensing with no moving parts; RS-232 communications for integration into higher-level assembly control systems; and supply pressure sensing. The Nextreme Value Chillers use a more environmentally friendly R513A refrigerant with half the Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to traditional hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) refrigerants.

Properly cooling industrial laser systems is challenging, as power densities continue to increase while form factor requirements continue to shrink. Compact chiller systems, like the Nextreme Value Chiller Series, offer a higher coefficient of performance that delivers efficient, low power consumption to maximise uptime and optimise performance in industrial laser systems. This enables a more focused and improved laser performance for more precise cutting, welding, micro-machining, and drilling. 

Analytical instruments such as electron microscopes require a sophisticated thermal management system. The versatile Nextreme chillers provide quiet operation and low fluid pulsation, which results in improved performance and precise imaging with higher resolution. The system footprint allows for easy integration into laboratory spaces.

“The Value Chiller Series offers OEMs a cost-effective and reliable thermal management solution that keeps sensitive electronics at the optimum temperature in industrial and analytical equipment,” says Greg Ducharme, Liquid Cooling Systems Product Director at Laird Thermal Systems. "While other chiller manufacturers require a different model for Europe and North America, Nextreme Value Chillers can operate anywhere in the world. This allows OEMs to test equipment in one country before shipping to a different region. They also can carry less inventory as a single chiller can ship globally."

More information on the Nextreme Value Chillers can be found by visiting:

Model VRC1200 https://bit.ly/451brNz

Model VRC2400 https://bit.ly/41FSzRt

Model VRC4500 https://bit.ly/3IeLCji

The website offers the ability to model the performance of the VRC recirculating chillers under certain thermal load conditions, flow rates and coolants.

The Nextreme Value Chiller Series is available through direct sales at Laird Thermal Systems.

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