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New low cost Boundary Scan Controller enables reliable TAP Access over greater Distances

1st August 2007
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GOEPEL electronic a world-class vendor of JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions compliant with IEEE Std. 1149.x, introduced the ScanBooster/USB-FXT as an additional high-performance but low cost controller. The new controller is based on a USB2.0 interface and complements the already existing ScanBooster™ product range by externally coupled test heads. This gives a solution for problems of critical TAP accesses to ATE fixtures and HASS/HALT applications. Now JTAG/Boundary Scan Test, PLD programming and In-System programming of moderate size’s can safely be executed over longer distances.
“The safe data transfer over longer distances has essential meaning for our customers. The new member of the ScanBooster™ family solves this problem also for low cost applications in critical environments”, says Thomas Wenzel, Managing Director of the Boundary Scan Division at GOEPEEL electronic. “Looking forward, we also plan to extend our ScanBooster™ product range to be offering solutions in all performance and price segments.”

The ScanBooster/USB-FXT features two separate TAP’s and supports a programmable TCK frequency up to a maximum of 16MHz. Because of the externally coupled TAP Interface Cards (TIC) the controllers obtains a particular flexibility and functional safety via distances up to 4m to the Unit Under Test (UUT). Currently, several different TIC modules are available for standard applications as well as utilisations for HASS/HALT in environmental chambers. The TIC modules also enable TAP interface adaptation to the UUT’s specific signal conditioning, this is done by configuring parameters and complete galvanic isolation of the UUT by relays.
As additional resource, the controller provides 32 programmable voltages, dynamic Parallel I/O, two ADC/DAC channels, external trigger signals as well as three static I/O. Thus, it can be utilised for extended test and PLD/Flash programming operations. Programs developed on the ScanBooster/USB-FXT have cross-compatibly on each controller of the ScanBooster™ series or the innovative SCANFLEX® Boundary Scan platform.

The ScanBooster/USB-FXT is fully supported by the industry leading Boundary Scan software SYSTEM CASCON™. SYSTEM CASCON™ is the only integrated development environment with a specific Mixed Signal Boundary Scan programming language (CASLAN) for IEEE 1149.1/IEEE 1149.4, including more than 30 tools for the automated test program generation (ATPG), pin failure diagnostic (PFD), in-system programming (ISP) as well as extensive verification through debugging at schematic and layout level. ScanBooster/USB-FXT supports Hot Insertion, Plug and Play and is available now.

GOEPEL electronic, founded in 1991 and headquartered in Jena/Germany is a worldwide leading vendor of innovative JTAG / Boundary Scan / IEEE 1149.x solutions. Offering mature software tools in an integrated development environment, high-performance Boundary Scan controllers and accessories, as well as comprehensive product support and value added services. The company of about 125 employees generated revenue of more than 16 million EURO in 2006, maintaining support and sales offices in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. An extended distribution and service network of over 300 specialists ensures excellent local and on-site customer support for more than 4,500 worldwide system installations. GOEPEL electronic has continuously been ISO9001 certified since 1996 and has been honoured with TOP-JOB and TOP-100 awards for being one of the best medium-sized companies in Germany. GOEPEL electronic’s products won several awards in recent years and are used by the leading companies in telecommunication, automotive, space & avionics, industrial controls, medical technology and other industries. Further information about the three time “Best-in-Test Award” winner can be found on the Internet at www.goepel.com.

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