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Multifunctional generators feature AWG and AFG

24th December 2020
Mick Elliott

The Teledyne LeCroy T3AWG2152 and T3AWG2152-D multifunctional generators are now being shipped by distributor Digi-Key Electronics.

These instruments combine many functions in one instrument, including function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, and digital pattern generator.

These three different functionalities leverage the HW flexibility adopting two different technologies. An improved direct digital synthesis (DDS) based technology adopted when using the function generator (AFG) allows the user to change glitch-free on-the-fly all the parameters preserving the waveform shape.

Controls and settings are always one touch away. Use a swipe gesture to change the channel, the carrier selection, and have access to the modulation parameters; swipe into the waveform gallery to import a signal at a glance; and use the touch-friendly virtual numeric keyboard to change a parameters’ values.

The variable clock, true-arbitrary technology adopted when using the arbitrary waveform (AWG)/digital pattern generator lets the user create complex waveforms of analogue and digital patterns, insert them in a sequence, and apply loops, jumps, and conditional branches.

Digital output combined and synchronised with analogue output signals represents an ideal tool to troubleshoot and validate a digital design.

The waveform memory length of 128 Mpoints on each channel combined with a number of waveform entries up to 16,384 and the waveform repeat count higher than 4 x 109 or infinite make the T3AWG2152 and T3AWG2152-D excellent waveform generators for the most demanding technical applications.

Other features and benefits include:

  • 150 MHz, 2-channel 12-bit resolution for exceptional detailed waveform generation with high-performance fidelity6 VPP output voltage and spectral purity at full frequency range and excellent harmonic distortion
  • Transmitter distortion test for automotive Ethernet 100Base-T1 and 1000Base-T1
  • Power and semiconductor dynamic behaviour test enabled by the flexible double pulse test capability
  • Simple and intuitive waveform editor utility for complex analogue and digital waveform creation

This disruptive and innovative hardware architecture provides the possibility to generate performance, versatile functionality, and outstanding usability, making the TT3AWG2152 and T3AWG2152-D generator suited to the job of engineers and researchers.

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