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Model libraries simplfy MCU test process

29th October 2015
Mick Elliott

Specific VarioTAP model libraries for universal processor emulation for the XMC family of Infineon have been announced by Goepel electronics. The processor is reconfigured to provide design-integrated test and programming instruments via the native debug port. A respective VarioTAP model, as part of an extensive IP library, contains all relevant access information for the respective target processor.


On this basis, users can select a processor corresponding to their design and be able to test and validate the connected hardware unit as well as program Flash memories.

The new VarioTAP model offers these techniques for the XMC MCU family from Infineon. The processors are based on Cortex-M-Cores from ARM, which are specially designed for applications in the fields of renewable energy, manufacturing and building automation, transportation, logistics, medical and lightning equipment.

The family currently includes derivates of 128kB to 1MB of internal memory, which can be programmed, verified and read with VarioTAP. The XMC4500 is currently the largest representative and comes in a LFBGA package with 144 pins, not allowing direct contact with external instruments. VarioTAP can be utilized to provide design-integrated tools for test, hardware debug, Flash programming and design validation after chip mounting.

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