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Meters measure vapour permeability

4th November 2016
Peter Smith

Versaperm's latest range of permeability meters can be used for both quality control and product development. They measure vapour permeability in around half an hour for some samples and are accurate in the PPM (Parts per Million) to PPB (Billion) range.

The equipment is highly automated and simple to use and can measure the permeability of both individual material samples and finished products. Samples can range in size from a thimble to a pallet load.

Variations including single and multi-sample systems, and both temperature and pressure control. Additionally the equipment can optionally measure not just for water vapour permeability but the vapour permeability for almost any gas - including, hydrocarbons, solvents, hydrogen, oxygen and CO2.

As well as manufacturing and supplying the equipment, Versaperm operates both a technical consultancy and a laboratory service for companies where the volume or logistics of measurements does not demand a dedicated instrument.

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