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Exposure meter eases electromagnetic compliance

1st October 2014
Mick Elliott

Link Microtek has introduced a new hand-held instrument that provides health and safety professionals with an easy means of proving compliance with Directive 2013/35/EU, which deals with electromagnetic fields in the workplace and will come into force in July 2016. Manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions, the ELT-400 Model 107 exposure level tester is as straightforward to operate as a noise meter, displaying magnetic field strengths as a percentage of the High, Low and Limb Action Levels defined in the EMF directive.

If required, the field strength can also be displayed in milliTesla (mT) units.

The instrument will particularly appeal to industrial firms that use welding or non-destructive testing processes or other low-frequency/high-current equipmentsuch as induction furnaces and dielectric heaters.

Covering a wide frequency range of 1Hz to 400kHz, the instrument features an integrated ‘shaped time domain’ function employing the ‘weighted peak method’ specified by the EMF directive. In practice this means the instrument automatically sums the complex magnetic fields commonly encountered in an industrial environment and weights them against the frequency-dependent exposure levels listed in the directive. The result is provided as an easily understood percentage value of the given exposure level.

The measurement results are displayed on a backlit LCD panel, and since the instrument continuously monitors the field and updates the display, any alteration to the equipment setup, e.g. a power reduction, can be evaluated immediately.

Housed in a rugged case, the ELT-400 Model 107 is supplied complete with an isotropic probe, which measures magnetic fields regardless of their direction and can be attached to the instrument either directly or via a suitable cable, depending on the requirements of the application. A three-axis analogue signal output is also provided to allow advanced signal-shape/frequency analysis using an oscilloscope or FFT analyser.

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