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LeCroy Adds Entry Level Oscilloscope with WaveScan Function to WaveSurfer Xs Series

20th November 2006
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The new WaveSurfer 24Xs offers a bandwidth of 200 MHz on 4 chanels with a sample rate of 2.5 GS/s. The standard memory of the WS 24Xs is 4x 2.5 Mpts which can be increased to 4x 10 Mpts with a low cost option. Like all other members of the WaveSurfer Xs family the 24Xs provides a large 10.4” touchscreen display and a user-friendly Windows user interface. Now, the WaveSurfer Xs product line encompasses a range of models from 200 MHz to 1 GHz. Preliminary list price for the WaveSurfer 24Xs is € 5,990 / GBP 4’120.
The best trigger won’t find all unusual events – a more powerful capability is needed. WaveScan goes beyond hardware triggering. In addition to being able to search for an unusual event in a single acquisition, WaveScan can search for an event over a period of hours or days, and perform a number of functions once the events are found. Since the scanning “modes” are not simply copies of the hardware triggers, the utility and capability is much higher.

WaveScan provides the ability to locate unusual events in a single capture, or scan for an event in many acquisitions over a long period of time. Select from nearly 20 search modes (pulse width, frequency, rise time, runt, duty cycle, etc.), apply a search condition (>, <, in a range, or outside of a range, set a value with limits, etc.), and begin scanning. In a single acquisition, WaveScan will identify the unusual event with a red box, and list the values in a table. From there, a user can zoom to view, or apply additional analysis tools for complete debugging.

With WaveScan the user can find problems that triggers won’t find. For instance, the oscilloscope can be configured to “scan” for a frequency value outside of an expected range, which is not possible with any hardware trigger.

WaveScan builds on a traditional LeCroy strength. A LeCroy X-Stream oscilloscope will quickly calculate a measurement value for all instances of a measurement in an acquisition. Thus, hundreds or thousands of measurements in a single acquisition could be acquired, and results returned, in the same amount of time that competitive oscilloscopes require to return a single measurement value.

WaveStreamTM Fast Viewing Mode

Nothing complements a bright, 10.4” display better than a lively, analog-like display of waveform data. LeCroy WaveStream Fast Viewing Mode provides brightness-graded intensity with a decay time similar to the action of phosphor on an analog screen. Thus, the intensity of a signal over a period of time can be easily seen. Combined with the WaveSurfer oscilloscope’s long memory/capture time, it provides an unbeatable combination of short record viewing or long capture time analysis. Unlike fast acquisition/display modes from other manufacturers, which limit sample rate, WaveStream Fast Viewing Mode operates at full sample rate for better capture of higher frequency abnormal events.

Low Speed Serial Trigger & Decode

LeCroy offers two new serial trigger and decode options that significantly enhance the power and capability of the WaveSurfer Xs oscilloscopes in the embedded test market. The I2Cbus TD and SPIbus TD Trigger & Decode options provide:

 Flexible trigger capability on an Inter IC (I2C) or Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) message, including powerful I2C conditional DATA triggering

 Fast and intuitive protocol decode information overlayed on the DATA waveform

 Search and zoom capability

 Tabular display of protocol data that can be easily customized and exported to Excel ®

Documentation, Connectivity, and Communication

The Windows XP embedded operating system and standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet port make it easy to connect the oscilloscope to a network using standard Windows tools. WaveSurfer can save waveform data or screen images directly to a USB memory stick or oscilloscope hard drive, email data directly from the oscilloscope, label image files directly on the oscilloscope, print to any network printer, and save files on network servers; common activities that technicians and engineers need to be able to do in order to communicate effectively and work efficiently. Saving large amounts of data to a USB memory stick is easy with the front-mounted USB port.

Touch Screen Interface and Built-in Stylus

The most time-efficient user interface is now even better with the addition of a built-in stylus, making the WaveSurfer Xs Series user interface the most appealing and elegant oscilloscope graphical user interface. Many common operations are just one touch away, and even complex tasks are readily accessible. The front panel layout provides easy-to-access controls for all the basic functions. Measurements can be quickly applied for signal validation. Math, even an FFT, is easily accessed with a single button on the front panel. The user interface puts basic tools for viewing signals literally at users’ fingertips, while maintaining one- or two-touch access to commonly used signal troubleshooting features.

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