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Insulation tester aids safety in telecoms industry

17th July 2017
Mick Elliott

An insulation and continuity tester that allows users to test the insulation of twisted copper cable pairs has been released by Megger. Ideal for use in the telecommunications industry, the MIT410-TC/3 helps identify problems that can arise from exposed wire in services ranging from voice and video to data or VoIP.

This handheld unit, which offers test ranges up to 100GΩ and test voltages to 500V, is an enhanced replacement of Megger’s MIT410-TC/2.

It provides feedback-controlled test voltages limiting over-voltage to 2%, far below the accepted industry standard of +20%, delivering a more accurate test voltage to circuits or components without the risk of over-voltage damage.

The unit can be used for all metallic and resistive fault testing of inside premise wiring to identify shorts, grounds, cross voltage in multi-lines, as well as voltage measurements in both AC and DC to determine proper levels for line and signaling voltages.

The tester offers a stabilised test voltage to ensure it remains within tolerance to industry/regulatory standards, as well as a single resistance range with significantly faster continuity testing spanning from 0.01Ω to 1.0MΩ.

Continuity test currents from 200mA or 20mA are available.

The instrument features a dual digital readout that displays complementary test information simultaneously.

A digital and analogue arc display includes both a digital readout and Megger’s patented analog arc to replicate the response of a moving coil display.

The unit provides TRMS measurements for accurate measurements on noisy lines.

This CAT IV 600 V rated instrument offers greater safety when testing at higher voltage levels. Each tester includes live circuit detection and protection and a fuse warning that detects fuse failure automatically.

The instrument is over-moulded for increased protection and sealed to IP54, providing a weatherproof case to decrease the chances of water ingress.

It comes in a soft canvas carrying case with shoulder strap and rugged snap hook to attach to a tool belt. A bed of nails lead set is included with the instrument.

It features a six cell battery compartment with separate fuse access.

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