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imc announce new universal bridge and strain gauge amplifier

4th July 2024
Harry Fowle

imc Test & Measurement has introduced the new and universally applicable imc ARGUSfit B-4 measurement module.

This bridge amplifier comprehensively expands the range of applications for the modular clickable imc ARGUSfit data acquisition system. Its four measurement channels are galvanically isolated and can be configured independently in every respect, for example with individual measurement modes, data rates, or sensor supply voltages.

The measurement module not only covers applications in mechanical structure tests or fatigue strength analyses. It can also be used for vibration measurements with piezoresistive accelerometers or pressure and blast sensors in bridge-based technology since it has 100 ksps per channel and a bandwidth of 40 kHz. In addition, potentiometric displacement transducers are supported as well as a pure voltage mode from 25 mV to 10V, which, in conjunction with integrated sensor supplies up to 15V/0.5W per channel, can also serve other active sensors of any kind, such as MEMS.

The new B-4 module, like all other components of the imc ARGUSfit measuring system, is now specified for an extended temperature range between -40° and +85°C. As an accessory to the imc ARGUSfit B-4 measuring module, imc also offers a patent-pending LEMO terminal connector that can connect measuring cables in seconds with simple screw terminals.

The imc ARGUSfit B-4 module covers the requirements for fatigue strength analysis and supports all conceivable bridge and strain gauge modes, including internal quarter bridge extension for 120 Ω, 350 Ω, and 1kΩ. Integrated calibration resistors allow software-controlled "shunt calibration" for traceable verification of the strain gauge installation or the integrity of the entire signal chain.

The bridge supply can be set to a minimum of 0.5V for strain gauge applications on carbon or composite in order to minimise self-heating of the strain gauges. In addition, each channel has a further universal sensor supply up to 15V and 0.5W to operate any active sensors with voltage output, such as MEMS accelerometers. Thus the B-4 amplifier supports a very wide range of sensors, signals and applications and completes the flexible overall concept of the imc ARGUSfit data acquisition system.

The system uses the proven and robust LEMO.1B connector, which is popular as a quasi-standard, for measurement inputs. As addition, imc provide a new solderless terminal connector, which is patent pending and supports everyday testing, service and diagnostics. It enables quick test set-ups and troubleshooting without any cable or connector assembly, as measurement cables can be connected directly with screw terminals.

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