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High-performance scopes centre stage at electronica

6th November 2018
Mick Elliott

At this year's electronica in Munich (November 13-16) Rigol Technologies EU will be focusing on its high-performance oscilloscopes in addition to its tried-and-tested product families and presenting interesting innovations. The recently-released and fully-featured MSO/DS7000 mixed-signal digital oscilloscope series is based on Rigol's state-of-the-art On-chip ASIC technology.

With bandwidths from 100MHz to 500MHz and sampling rates of up to 10GS/s, this series is ideally suited for demanding applications in research, development and production. The instruments have a very large 10.1in. colour touch screen for clear signal presentation and for optimal display of additional information.

For recording and processing of large measurement datasets, a memory depth of up to 500 million points is available, and with a signal acquisition rate of up to 600,000wfms/sec, the user can acquire, display and evaluate fast signal sequences.

The fast analysis and visualisation capabilities were realised through the ultra-fast ChipSet of the latest UltraVision II architecture.

A novelty is how Rigol describes the MSO5000 high-performance oscilloscopes with 9in. colour touch screen, whose functionality is slightly below the MSO7000 series.

With bandwidths ranging from 70MHz to 350MHz and sampling rates up to 8GS/s, these oscilloscopes are the more cost-effective solution for less demanding applications that require memory depths of up to 200 million points and signal acquisition rates up to 500,000 wfms/sec.

As a special highlight, Rigol will present a top-of-the-range oscilloscope with bandwidths from 600MHz to 2GHz and a multitude of highly efficient functions. This device is predestined for high-speed signal analysis in all high-tech industries. Available from Q1 2019!

In addition, for the RSA5000 series Rigol will announce its Vector Signal Analysis Software VSA, which will also be available from Q1 2019.

This measurement application is integrated in the signal analysers and will also be available as an upgrade for existing RSA5000 instruments.

With the VSA application, the user has a comprehensive tool for demodulation and vector signal analysis to find problems in time, frequency and modulation domains.

As an extension of its arbitrary function generators, Rigol will be showcasing the new low-cost DG800 and DG900 series at the electronica. Both are very easy to use and designed as multifunctional generators. They combine the application fields function generator, arbitrary signal generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, analogue/digital modulation and counter function in one device.

In addition to the previously used direct digital synthesiser technology, which provides very stable, precise, and minimally distorted signals, the new, innovative signal fidelity technology "SiFi II" reduces the signal jitter to 200ps.

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