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GL Announces Enhancements to HDLC Testing Tools

7th February 2013
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GL Communications announced today the release of its enhanced HDLC Link Impairment Utility application and other HDLC Testing Tools. Speaking to reporters, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni CEO of the company said, “HDLC is a Layer 2 “backbone” protocol for reliable transport of data, voice, and video. It is used to encapsulate almost all other higher layer protocols such as ISDN, PPP, and Frame Relay. It is also used to encapsulate Ethernet frames over WAN links.”
He added, “HDLC Impairment Utility impairs HDLC frames on T1 E1 lines, whether they occur on single timeslots at 64/56 kbps rate or as hyperchannels wherein contiguous timeslots are used to create N x (64/56 kbps) channels, with N possibly equal to the max timeslots of 31/30/24. The application can use any of GL’s T1 E1 platforms including T1 E1 Universal Cards, tProbes™, USB T1 E1 Analyzers, and Octal T1 E1 Cards.”

Mr. Kulkarni further added, “The application is useful in simulating real network conditions and the impact thereof on protocols such as ISDN, SS7, and other HDLC based protocols. It is also useful in verifying proper operation of HDLC hardware/software implementations.”

He added, “Impairments that can be introduced are: Logic Errors, CRC Errors, Drop a Frame, Change Order of Frames, Duplicate a Frame, Insert a Frame, and Delay a Frame. These impairments can be introduced manually or automatically with a specified random rate, e.g. 1x10E-04, or one in 10,000.”


Other HDLC Test and Analysis Tools

HDLC Emulation and Analysis is supported in a variety of GL's products: T1 E1, T3 E3, OC3/12, STM1/4 and Datacom Analyzer/Emulator. Applications are provided for analyzing HDLC based protocols, testing HDLC implementations (software and chip), and testing very high throughput HDLC channels such as N x T1 E1.

Here are some applications that are available: HDLC Analysis, Playback, Test Tx, and Test Rx, File Based HDLC Record / Playback, MultiChannel HDLC Emulation/Analysis and High Throughput File Based HDLC Record/Playback.

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