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GOEPEL electronic wins two “Best in Test Awards” 2011

10th May 2011
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For the already sixth time in a row, GOPEL electronic received the „Best in Test Award” of the international magazine and website „Test & Measurement World“. GOEPEL electronic’s JTAG/Boundary Scan module TIC020 as well as the optical inspection system TOM In-Line were nominated and both won in their respective categories. The “Best in Test Awards” are the internationally most wanted and respected industry prices and numerous companies and their products apply for this award each year.
“Winning two awards in one year is an extraordinary honour, reflecting the innovation power and outstanding technological state of our inspection and test systems”, says Holger Goepel, GOEPEL electronic’s co-founder and CEO. “This consecutive decoration is an approval for the continued quality level of our systems but also a motivation to continue developing path-breaking solutions for the electric and optical test and measurement market. Additionally, it’s a special present foru our 20th Company anniversary on 17th May 2011.”
The Boundary Scan module TIC020 (TAP Interface Card) TIC020 has specifically been developed for the combined utilisation with the adaptive streaming technology VarioTAP®. It features a programmable multi bus interface, which enables a nearly unlimited compatibility to numerous standardised and proprietary test and debug protocols and, consequently, several thousand micro controllers, supporting the standards IEEE1149.1, IEEE1149.6, IEEE1149.7, IEEE1532 and IEEE-ISTO 5001, as well as plenty of non JTAG interfaces such as BDM (Background Debug Mode) from Freescale®, DAP (Device Access Port) from Infineon®, SBW (Spy-Bi-Wire) from Texas Instruments®, SWD (Serial Wire Debug) from ARM® and many more.

TOM In-Line is a system series for selected automated optical inspection tasks for electronic assembly. The range of executable optical tests includes component presence and polarity, selective solder joints, displays and LEDs as well as fluorescent conformal coat. The system can additionally be combined with the JTAG/Boundary Scan test technology.

For the sixth time in a row, GOEPEL electronic has won the „Best in Test Award“. In the last years, the Company received that honour for the Boundary Scan solutions SCANFLEX® (2006), ScanAssist™ (2008) and JULIET (2010) as well as the AOI systems OptiCon BasicLine (2007) and OptiCon TurboLine (2009).

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