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TAP transceiver boosts production efficiency

23rd March 2015
Mick Elliott

GOEPEL electronics has developed a new rack-mountable SCANFLEX TAP transceiver which enables testing and programming of multiple units under test (UUT), using 16 parallel test access ports (TAP). The space- and power-saving SFX-TAP16/G-RM-FXT allows the use in the production line as well as in applications with large distances to the target.

The TAP transceiver is the system interface to the UUT and is controlled by a central SCANFLEX controller. The 19-inch version with 16 TAP uses external test heads, which offers secure signal transmission at distances of up to 4 meters. Thanks to the modern architecture, all Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies are supported.

Using this technique, production test, flash programming and PLD can be executed without the use of needles or probes. The SFX-TAP16/G-RM-FXT has been specially developed for so-called gang applications. In this method multiple UUTs can be tested or programmed simultaneously.

It increases production throughput, and investment costs in mass production can be reduced by using just one system. The TAP transceiver can be adapted to almost any environment and application, and it can be combined with different test and programming strategies of the Embedded System Access.

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