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Software link enhances 3D X-ray inspection system

9th March 2015
Mick Elliott

The high-end 3D X-ray inspection system X-Line 3D from GOEPEL electronics now features a link to the OIC System (Overall Inline Communication) by ASYS Automatisierungssysteme. The OIC system visualises the electronics production line and displays status, product and production process in real time.

In parallel, all relevant production relevant data and availabilities are truthfully documented. The OIC creates an image of the production line and visualises monitoring and control information for locating of potential improvements in the production process.

The 3D AXOI system X-Line 3D communicates via TCP/IP connection with the ASYS OIC software and reports following machine status:

-Machine in standby or productive

-Loaded test program and current width setting

-Error messages such as defective fuse, low air pressure or obstructed PCB

-Calibration necessary

-Warm-up of the X-ray tube

Besides the OIC, so-called MES systems (Manufacturing Execution System) are commonly used. With the combination of OIS and MES setup changes can be made. The X-Line 3D adjusts itself completely independent on a new product.

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