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Conformance test suite targets ISDN protocols

29th September 2014
Mick Elliott

GL Communications has unveiled its latest product – the MAPS ISDN (Layer3) and LAPD (Layer 2) Protocol Conformance Test Suite. The user-to-network interface is provided in two flavours: The first Basic interface structure - two B-channels and one 16 Kbit/s D-channel (2B+D) and the second Primary rate B-channel interface structure - 30 B-channels and one 64 Kbit/s D-channel, (30B+D).

From the point of view of the OSI architecture, an ISDN line has a stack of three protocols:Layer 1 - Physical Layer, Layer 2 - Data Link Layer (known as LAPD protocol), and Layer 3 - Network Layer (known as ISDN protocol). In order to provide reliable communication over the network, it is essential for the protocol implementation to be checked for conformity to its standard specifications.

The new MAPS ISDN and LAPD Conformance test suite helps service providers to check their ISDN network for conformity to its standard specifications - ITU-T Q.931forISDNandQ.921forLAPD.

In addition, engineers can also use MAPS ISDN test tool to test ISDN signalling specification as per other standards such as the5ESS, 4ESS, BELL, DMS-100, DMS-250, SR-4994, and QSIG ECMA standards. The MAPS ISDN and LAPD Conformance test suite can conform various ISDN and LAPD call states.

TheISDN Conformance test suite is used to perform testing using ISDN and LAPD protocol messages over T1E1, offering a complete solution for testing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of devices and networks implementing PRI ISDN. It is useful to test ISDN products designed for U interface, including network terminations on subscriber's side and line termination in the carrier's local exchange.

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