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Fused probe body cuts power in microseconds

21st January 2020
Mick Elliott

A Fused DMM Probe Body - the CT4299 (individual colours) and CT4300 (black and red pair) – has been introduced by Cal Test Electronics. The fused probes easily connect to 4mm sheathed banana plug leads, which are in turn connected to a DMM or other equipment.

Their small, compact bodies feature an internal, fast acting, ceramic fuse, which can cut power in microseconds during a transient over-voltage event, thereby protecting both equipment, and more importantly, personnel working in high energy environments.

The closer the fuse is to the test point the higher the level of protection.

The fused probe is rated 1000 V CAT III / 600 V CAT IV with its unique locking tip cover in place, and 1000 V CAT II with the tip cover removed. The internal 500mA fuse is easily replaced.

With the locking tip cover in place only 4 mm of the tip is exposed thereby reducing short circuits and arc-flash risks while working in high-energy CAT III and IV environments. The locking tip covers require a tool, such as a small screwdriver, to remove.

In lower energy CAT II environments, removing the tip cover allows access to its standard Ø2mm diameter by 19mm length tip and attachment of Cal Test’s 3900 Series probe tip accessories - hook clip, standard alligator clip, spade lug, and extended tip. All greatly enhance the utility of the fused probe.

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