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Four models launch programmable electronic loads range

22nd June 2017
Mick Elliott

Programmable electronic loads have been added to the portfolio at Rigol Technologies. The DL3000 laboratory instruments offer excellent price/performance ratio. They are suited for applications in research and development, production and quality tests for automotive electronics, aviation and fuel cells, power monitoring of telecommunication modules and in many other fields.

All the products have an RS232 and USB communication interface, and the UltraLoad software is available for easy operation via the PC.

A large 4.3-in. colour display allows the user to display the corresponding waveform directly on the device without using an external oscilloscope.

In order to test the transient characteristics of the test object, the frequency can be set to up to 30kHz in the dynamic-frequency mode.

The current rise rate, i.e. the transition time from one setting to the other, is adjustable from 0.001A/μs to 5A/μs.

The smallest readback resolution is 0.1mV and 0.1mA.

In order to protect the connected test objects, the device has an overload protection for voltage, current, temperature, power and reverse voltage.

All four operating modes CC, CV, CR and CP are also supported.

Currently Rigol offers the DL3000 family has four models.

The 200W, 150V / 40A DL3012, the DL3021A which is the same as DL3012, with added LAN interface and digital IOs.

The 350W, 150V / 60A DL3031 and the DL3031A – same as DL3031, additionally with LAN interface and digital IOs.

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