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Flexible Rotor Telemetry for Torque Measurements

8th June 2007
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The telemetry system J1 from CAESAR DataSystems is a rugged system for collecting dynamic measurements from rotating shafts and machinery in research, testing, marine and vehicle development applications.
The new rotor electronics J1-RD Flex couples the efficiency of the existing J1-RD rotor electronics with new flexibility. With a weight of only 3.2gm and a maximum overall height of less than 5mm, the rotor electronics unit is extremely light and flat. Mounted on a flexible, foil substrate its space-saving design enables it to be easily applied to rotating shafts or similar machine parts. Unlike torque flanges, the design allows measurements to be taken from shaft diameters ranging from 30mm to more than 300mm without any mechanical modifications and without affecting the structural integrity of the item under test. If necessary, the rotor is easily removed for reuse again for further testing applications.

The rotor electronics assembly includes the sensor supply, strain signal processing and the transmitter for contactless data transmission of the measured signal. A signal bandwidth from dc up to 2.5kHz, user defined gain, high stability, and an integrated remote controlled calibration facility are some of the many outstanding features.

The low-profile J1-RD Flex is also ideally suited for applications involving high rotational speeds. The on-board inductive power supply ensures continuous and reliable measurements from rotating shafts without the use of batteries.

For high temperature applications an optional extended operating temperature range, from -40°C to +125°C, is available.

Complete turnkey systems for measuring and analysing many parameters; including dynamic torque, power, efficiency and torsional vibration, can also be supplied.

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