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Ethernet controller features faster test clock

8th August 2019
Mick Elliott

Because of its expanded internal memory, a new Ethernet controller for ASSET InterTech’s ScanWorks platform can program larger data images and process test operations faster. The Remote Instrumentation Controller, designated the RIC-1400, is a direct replacement for the RIC-1000

It features a faster test clock and internal memory that has been expanded 16-fold. ASSET is a leading supplier of software and hardware debug, validation and test tools.

“With the RIC-1400, as with our other RIC controllers, ScanWorks users are able to run boundary-scan tests and program devices on the Unit Under Test (UUT) via an Ethernet connection,” said Michael Johnson, Product Manager for ScanWorks Boundary-Scan Test. “Of course, if the RIC controller is connected to an organisation’s Internet, an engineer with ScanWorks running on his or her personal computer and access to the organisation’s Internet can conduct boundary-scan test and programming of a UUT from any location in the world.”

Alternatively, to avoid network delays which could increase test and programming times, the RIC-1400 can connect directly to a UUT and a computer running ScanWorks via the computer’s Ethernet port in a peer-to-peer fashion.

With the upcoming release of ScanWorks 4.7, users will also be able to configure the RIC-1400 as a USB 3.0 controller and conduct boundary-scan test and programming of a UUT directly from a PC’s USB port.

The RIC-1400’s internal memory has been expanded over the RIC-1000 from 256MB to 4GB.

This allows faster processor operations on larger programming files to more efficiently facilitate ScanWorks’ fast programming actions.

The timing clock which governs the speed of boundary-scan test operations, also has been increased from 50MHz on the RIC-1000 to 80MHz on the RIC-1400.

In addition, the RIC-1400 supports ScanWorks’ Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Direct programming action, which enables fast programming of SPI memories that have external access.

The ScanWorks RIC-1400 Ethernet controller is available now from ASSET InterTech and its distributors.

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