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ETAS expands RTA solutions portfolio

18th March 2014
Jacqueline Regnier

ETAS announce the expansion of its RTA Solutions portfolio including RTA Basic Software and Tools, RTA Engineering Services, and RTA Consulting Services. ETAS’ RTA Basic Software and Tools have a proven heritage of delivering high-quality, production-ready basic software modules. The RTA operating systems and AUTOSAR run-time environment already power more than one billion ECUs worldwide.

ETAS is expanding the RTA Basic Software and Tools portfolio to provide complete coverage of the AUTOSAR 4.x standard for basic software modules. The RTA Basic Software, powered by COMASSO and supported by RTA Engineering Services, allows the development and deployment of AUTOSAR ECUs with greatly reduced runtime license costs, providing customers with significant competitive advantages. COMASSO e.V. is an open initiative founded by Robert Bosch to bring the benefits of AUTOSAR to a wider community by providing standardised implementations of core basic software modules.

RTA Solutions also include RTA Engineering Services, providing contract development of high-quality, customer-specific embedded software based on a deep understanding of customers’ requirements and the technical constraints on modern-day ECUs. Through RTA Engineering Services, ETAS benefits from its long-standing embedded software experience and addresses the challenges arising from the changing allocation of roles in the value creation chain for ECU software. Software can be developed for a specific ECU target or for a range of hardware platforms. Customers can therefore rely on ETAS software independent of their choice of hardware solution. ETAS’ global software development teams ensure a highly attractive price structure, implementation speed and resource flexibility. The service includes the design, implementation, integration, and testing of embedded software. ETAS develops software according to a number of standards, including AUTOSAR, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ISO 25119, and ISO 13849, depending on the customer’s requirements.

RTA Consulting Services completes the RTA Solutions portfolio, providing specialist know-how and expertise-fully independent of the ETAS product business and founded on a legacy of over 20 years of embedded systems experience. Based on a broad expertise in technology, process, methods and tools development, combined with the comprehensive understanding of automotive systems and software engineering, ETAS offers individual consulting services to optimise our customers’ development processes and software solutions. ETAS consultants are regularly called upon to provide project management, training and coaching support, as well as the development of advanced concepts in areas such as functional safety, multi-core processing architectures, and hypervisors to major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers within the automotive and related industries.

Vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers face increasing challenges when developing software-based embedded systems. The pressure to innovate via software, decreasing time-to-market, safety and security concerns, cost optimisation, adherence to standards, and the changing distribution of responsibilities within the value creation chain require new approaches to developing embedded software based on highly specialised know-how. RTA Solutions today address these challenges by delivering a complete portfolio for safe and secure embedded software for real-time applications.

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