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Enhanced protocol simulation added to test tool

31st May 2016
Mick Elliott

An enhanced Protocol Simulation and Conformance Test Tool referred to as Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS) version 6.4.22 has been announced by GL Communications. GL’s MAPS HD is a high density multi-protocol, multi-technology network appliance that performs signaling and traffic generation for a vast array of communication protocols covering IP and Wireless networks.

It now supports simulation of SIP UA, IuCS, MGCP, H.248/Megaco, GSM-A, BICC protocols, and provides non-reference-based voice quality using E-Model (R-factor) and MOS with five mapping scales.

Jagdish Vadalia, a Senior Manager for Product Development of the company said, “Message Automation & Protocol Simulation (MAPS)is a protocol simulation test tool that can be applied to a variety of protocols such as SIP, MGCP, MEGACO, ISUP, ISDN, GSM, SS7, LTE, UMTS, and so on.

The application supports various test cases and environment to create all possible call scenarios and to test real-time entities in the telecom network.

MAPS HD network appliance is designed to easily achieve 4 to 20,000 endpoints per 1U server. It is available as special purpose 1U network appliance that is capable of high volume of sustained calls (tens of thousands of simultaneous calls/1U platform).

MAPS is also enhanced to support call simulation and protocol test automation using Command Line Interface (CLI). It can be configured as server-side application, to enable remote controlling of the application through multiple command-line based clients. Supported clients include TCL, Python, VBScript, Java, and .Net. User can remotely perform all functions such as start testbed setup, load scripts, and profiles, apply user events such as send digits/file/tones, detect digits/file/tones, dial, originate call, terminate call, start and stop traffic and so on.

User can also generate and receive calls through commands. This client application is distributed along with MAPS Server application. Multiple MAPS CLI servers can be controlled remotely from single client application.

The application’s Call Generation and Reception Window has been enhanced with a GUI feature that now enables user to add new instance in call generation, by which a default script and profile are pre-set.

Now user can add customised command button controls for user-defined events. Important user-defined events earlier available on right-click under Events column are now selectively available as individual command buttons on the Call Generation and Reception windows.

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