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Two New Delay Lines developed for Cost-effective Radar Target Simulation

9th August 2012
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EOX have today announced two new delay lines for radar testing. The E-501 fixed delay line and the E-3001 variable delay line are designed to lower the cost of testing a radar system's accuracy and receiver sensitivity. The E-501 and E-3001 delay lines allow engineers to create repeatable range accuracy by replicating the target distance and propagation loss with a benchtop system in a lab.
Using EOX delay lines can reduce or eliminate outdoor target range testing. Field testing is expensive and unpredictable. We offer repeatability in both distance and amplitude measurements which are critical parameters for radar and communications testing, said Joe Mazzochette, General Manager, Eastern OptX.

EOX delay lines employ fiber optic technology to overcome the shortcomings of conventional schemes including acoustic, digital, and coaxial transmission delay lines. EOX uses actual system signals with no analog-to-digital or digital-to-analog conversions, thus allowing real world testing of the entire radar system. With a wide dynamic range of >100 dB and frequency range to 18 GHz, EOX delay lines are universal target simulators that can be used right out of the box.

The E-501 fixed delay line is an economical, high-performance turnkey product for radar testing as well as WiMAX, wireless communications, and altimeter applications. It features ultra-wide bandwidth, low loss, high isolation, low noise, and high dynamic range. It is available with a delay time of up to 100 µsec and a frequency range of 0.1 to 6 GHz.

The E-3001 variable delay line is a high performance, turnkey product for the radar test industry. It has multiple delay cells with front panel or computer control with up to eight switchable delays. The E-3001 features ultrawide bandwidth, low loss, high isolation, high dynamic range, and a frequency range of 0.1 to 6 GHz. The E-3001 is available with time delays of up to 100 µsec, with longer delays possible upon request.

The E-501 and E-3001 delay lines are available immediately for order with delivery in 30 days. The E-501 starts at U.S. $15,000. The E-3001 is priced starting at $30,000.

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