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Low-Noise USB Data Acquisition Module with 14.8-Bit ENOB for Sound and Vibration Measurements

17th April 2013
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Data Translation announces the release of a new module with 16-bit Delta- Sigma A/D converter for its USB-powered sound and vibration data acquisition series. With 14.8-bit ENOB and a dynamic range of 96 dB (SFDR), the DT9839 offers exceptional accuracy at an affordable price.
The range of features includes four analog inputs, each supporting AC or DC coupling and a 4mA current source for IEPE/ICP sensors, as well as atachometer input. A 24-bit analog output allows the continuous output of white noise, sine or any other stimulus waveform. The module is supplied ready-to-measure, complete with the QuickDAQ2013 data logger software.

The analog inputs have an input voltage range of ±2.5 V and support sampling rates of up to 52.7 kHz per channel. The Delta-Sigma A/D converter achieves a filter damping of 100 dB already at frequencies that correspond to 0.55 times the sampling rate. The module has a programmable sampling rate and trigger mode (including external digital, analog level, pre- and post-triggers). In addition, AC or DC coupling and a 4 mA current source for ICP sensors can be individually configured for each analog input channel. The additional tachometer input can measure rotational speeds and also be used for phase measurements between the tachometer input and the A/D samples. All I/O channels –analog inputs, tachometer input and analog output –can be run simultaneously and synchronously.

The DT9839 is available as a rugged, compact 10 x 10.5 cm BNC connection box with screw terminals or as a board-level OEM version. Both versions run entirely on USB power.

The new USB data acquisition module comes with a comprehensive software package including Windows-compatible 32/64 bit drivers, software tools and interfaces for LabVIEW and MATLAB, and the new QuickDAQ2013 data logger software. Combined with this application, the module offers users a ready-to- measure solution for acquiring, displaying, saving and exporting data. In addition, Data Translation's VIBpoint Framework offers a software spectrum analyzer that has been designed around the functionality of all USB-powered sound and vibration data acquisition modules from Data Translation.

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