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USB Multifunction Data Acquisition Modules for high-Speed Simultaneous Operation of Multiple Channels

4th April 2012
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Data Translation announces the release of a series of USB multifunction data aquisition modules for simultaneously measuring different signals on multiple channels. The instruments feature a dedicated 16-bit A/D converter for each analog input. Even with the highest sampling rates – between 800 kHz and 10 MHz per channel, depending on the model – the multifunction modules effectively eliminate external influences that can affect measurement accuracy and are inherent, for example, in multiplexed systems or high-ohmic sensors.
At the entry level, the product range provides the DT9836-S with six analog inputs and sampling rates of 800 kHz/channel. The DT9862 module with two analog inputs marks the top of the range and allows sampling two channels at up to 10 MHz per channel in burst sampling mode, or one channel at 10 MHz in streaming mode with direct data transfer to the PC.

Unlike traditional data acquisition modules, Data Translation's multifunction modules do not multiplex the input signals, but provide a separate A/D converter for each input channel. This not only allows fast sampling rates, but also eliminates noise, crosstalk and common mode noise.

In addition to the analog inputs, the high-speed instruments provide 32 digital I/O channels, two counter/timers and three quadrature decoders; some of the models also feature high-speed analog outputs. All analog and digital input and output channels can be run simultaneously and synchronously at the same clock frequency. 500V isolation from the USB 2.0 port comes as standard.

All the USB and Ethernet data acquisition modules from Data Translation ship with a comprehensive software package that is compatible with Windows 7, XP and Vista. The package comprises a wide choice of useful software development tools, including 32/64 bit drivers for .NET, LabVIEW and MATLAB.

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