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DC electronic loads offer advanced programmability

13th June 2017
Mick Elliott

The DL3000 Series 200W/350W Programmable DC Electronic Loads from Rigol are available at Saelig. The single output 150V 40A/60A units have a user-friendly interface and are useful for simulating a variety of load conditions for both equipment and components. A 4.3in. colour TFT LCD clearly shows multiple instrument parameters and conditions simultaneously.

RS232, USB, and LAN interfaces come as standard for the remote control of these electronic loads, with GPIB available as an option. The DL3000 Series offers four static operation modes (constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, and constant power) as well as three dynamic operation modes (continuous, pulsed, toggled).

Multiple protection situations are provided, covering over-voltage, over-current, over-power, over-temperature, and reverse-voltage situations.

Complex operational sequences can be generated by editing the setting values for each load step condition, dwell time, and slew rate to meet sophisticated test demands.

The transient test function enables the load to periodically switch between two set levels at up to 30kHz to test the response characteristics of a device being tested.

Set-up and sequence files can be saved to, or recalled from, internal and external memories. The built-in tests provided include a battery test function, over-current protection test, over-power protection test, factory test function, short-circuit test, etc.

A number of software-enabled licenses are also optionally available to suit additional test needs, including high frequency, high slew-rate, and digital I/O. The DL3000 Series of Programmable DC Electronic Loads are high performance test tools for general-purpose testing that can be used in various industries, such as automotive electronics, aerospace, and fuel cells.

Applications include testing the performance of DC power supplies under varying conditions for voltage regulation or constant current variation. This applies to linear or switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), modular power supplies, or power adapters, etc.

Battery manufacturers can use the loads to test various battery and cell constructions under varying loads. Chargers for batteries and cell phones can be evaluated with these electronic loads, as can components such as MOSFETs, IGBTs, capacitors, and ballast resistors.

These loads are also ideal for educational experiments.

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