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USB data acquisition modules eliminate phase shifts

14th April 2014
Mick Elliott

With the DT9816 series Data Translation offers a range of low-cost USB data acquisition modules for simultaneous sampling of up to six analogue signals. Unlike comparable measurement instruments in the same price range, these modules feature separate 16-bit A/D converters per input channel instead of multiplexed inputs.

This eliminates phase shifts and allows simultaneous, synchronous measurements on multiple inputs – thus offering significant advantages for measurement speed and accuracy. The series provides different models, from the proven DT9816-S with a sampling rate of up to 750 kHz per channel, to the DT9816 with 6 x 50 kHz and theDT9816-A with 6 x 150 kHz.

The compact, rugged data acquisition modules run entirely on USB power so that no external power supply is needed. This makes them ideal for portable measurement and test applications. Screw terminals on the module allow easy signal connections. In addition to the six analoueg inputs, all models of the series also provide 16 digital inputs and outputs. A counter/timer supports frequency measurements, rate generation and other operations.

In addition to providing simultaneous data acquisition at an economical price, they effectively eliminate error caused by settling time, crosstalk or phase shifts which are inherent when switching between channels. Accuracy now is independent from the signal source impedance.

The modules ship with the easy-to-use QuickDAQ measurement software, offering a complete ready-to-measure data acquisition solution. The software application has an intuitive user interface and delivers results in just a few steps. QuickDAQ provides data acquisition, display and logging functionality and allows the export of data to Excel for more advanced analysis. The supplied software package comprises 32/64 bit drivers for the standard Windows operating systems as well as a comprehensive range of software tools, such as interfaces for LabVIEW, MATLAB and .NET.

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