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Data logging software takes to the cloud

15th September 2021
Mick Elliott

Pico Technology has announced general availability of the PicoLog Cloud data logging software.

It enables users to set up and control captures on a source PC and then remotely view them on any number of client devices running the software.

They can also be viewed on a standard browser, live or previously saved captures on any PC or tablet device connected to the internet.

A simple server-side API allows PicoLog Cloud to transfer live capture data from a data logger or oscilloscope to a third-party application while the capture is running.

With the PicoLog data residing on a server, this API allows programmers to request the data in batches.

This feature is particularly useful to users who want to add extra functionality such as emailing alarms or captures, plotting data in a different way (fill tanks, throttle needle, large numerical displays and so on), adding logger data to existing databases and much more.

“This new major feature stays true to our vision of creating a data logging application with a simple user interface, and is equally straightforward for use by technical or non-technical users,” said Kieran Winstanley, Product Manager at Pico Technology, adding “The new cloud service is completely free for all new and existing customers.”

Remote working, monitoring of critical processes, sharing experimental data, preventative maintenance, design integrity through big data collection, compliance and security are all critical to scientific, research and manufacturing organisations.

These challenges increase complexity for engineers and scientists working on next generation technologies and processes. PicoLog Cloud addresses those issues directly with a simple, fast and flexible approach to scientific data collection, sharing and analysis.

Access to cloud data is managed through single sign on (SSO) protocol.

PicoLog Cloud uses the latest security techniques and processes to ensure that online data and user credentials stay safe.

PicoLog Cloud device support includes the ADC20/24 high-resolution, high-accuracy voltage loggers, TC-08 & PT-104 temperature loggers and the CM3 AC RMS current logger.

All current real-time PicoScope models are also supported. The PicoLog Cloud client is available for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 (32 and 64-bit), macOS, Linux (64-bit) and Raspberry Pi OS (32-bit) for Raspberry Pi 4.

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