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Connected cars get EMI protection solution

12th April 2016
Mick Elliott

A new solution to reduce the time and cost needed to develop automotive Ethernet BroadR-Reach systems for connected cars and other vehicles has been announced by Spirent Communications. As automobiles adopt automotive Ethernet to provide advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), vehicle-to-X (V2X) communication, infotainment and other ‘connected car’ features, manufacturers need to ensure these networks are unaffected by electromagnetic interference normally found in vehicles.     



The Spirent AING-5000 reduces the time to develop systems that are resilient to interference, by creating and customising a variety of real automotive noise conditions, which developers can use repeatedly to optimise their designs.       

“This solution is another example of how the automotive industry can benefit from other industries,” said Abhitesh Kastuar, General Manager of Spirent’s Cloud and IP Business Unit. “Our expertise in helping manufacturers and service providers to develop computer networking is now supporting the connected car industry, and will help to create better end user experiences for drivers and passengers.”       

The AING-5000 creates continuous background noise, electro-mechanical switching-impulsive events, and other radio-frequency interference (RFI).

These noise conditions/types are problematic and testing electronic control units (ECUs) against these real world conditions has become a necessity for systems development.

It can also be very costly and time consuming if a physical electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) chamber is the only verification tool available.

The Spirent AING-5000 comes pre-packaged with a set of baseline real world measured noise events specifically designed to test Automotive BroadR-Reach Ethernet.

These can also be adjusted by the user to create specific interference signals. It also offers a high impedance unit for injecting noise into two-wire automotive cabling.       

The AING-5000 joins a portfolio of Spirent tools that help the automotive industry to successfully develop self-driving and connected car features and provide improved end user experience.

This portfolio includes systems to help develop automotive Ethernet, V2X/telematics, Cybersecurity, vehicle positioning and navigation, and emergency services, such as eCall.  

The AING-500 will be demonstrated at the SAE World Congress, in Detroit (April 12-14).

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