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13th December 2005
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For field service, troubleshooting, maintenance and test of a wide range of communications equipment and installations, Aspen Electronics has launched a new generation of Bird Technologies' EX series Site Analyzer antenna and cabling diagnostic tools.
All models in the range have been upgraded to include additional measurement points, memory for settings and data memory. Further, the operating temperature range has been extended to –10oC to +50oC, and instruments are supplied with a high capacity lithium battery for minimum 3 hours operation. An auto shut-off feature extends battery life.

Top of the range is now the SA-6000EX, providing users with a diagnostic range from 25MHz to 6GHz. This increases the number of diagnostic applications that can be supported by a single field unit.

The SA-6000EX offers a choice of measurement points, from the standard 238 points, to 475 or 949 points. The additional measurement points significantly increase the amount of data collected, thereby providing greater measurement detail and with it, visibility of the unit under test. When operating in Distance-to-Fault mode the higher number of measurement points yields greater resolution, allowing the unit to show detail between points as close as 2.5in or 6cm. This is particularly useful for viewing closely spaced events, such as in connectors.

In addition to its extended frequency band, the EX Series now provides storage for up to 500 x 238point traces, believed to be the highest available in the industry. All models have additional settings memory, now up to 15 instrument set-ups. Other prominent features include better overall frequency resolution, a source VSWR of 1.12 to 1.00, and a VSWR range of 1.00 to 99.99.

The instruments are still easy to use, despite the increased functionality, with simple operation through intuitive on-screen menus.

The units are built for dependable field use with a high capacity battery pack and rugged ergonomic design. They feature immunity to on-frequency interference signals up to +13 dBm, whereby the incoming signal does not affect the measurement. Maximum input is +22dBm.

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