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Cantilever design contactor delivers enhanced MCU testing

8th August 2017
Mick Elliott

The recently launched MiCon contactor from Multitest leverages the industry-proven Cantilever technology for the final test of Microcontrollers, Industrial DSPsand Application Specific ICs. Evaluations at customer test floors showed substantial improvements in first pass yield, life span and cleaning cycles compared to spring pin solutions.

MiCon fully supports the requirements of a high, stable and reliable production output at lowest cost of test.

The contactor leverages the proven Cantilever technology for an architecture, which matches existing spring pin test boards and provides self-cleaning wipe.

It is a spring pin footprint compatible alternative supporting advanced temperature requirements as well as advanced power/current requirements. The footprint compatibility allows for easy and cost-efficient conversion from spring pin setups. T

he fully decoupled load board side of the spring ensure no degradation of the load board pad.

MiCon features a single piece design, which ensures a long lifespan, low and stable contact resistance, high current carrying capability and an extended temperature range.

It allows for testing at full specification values.

The extended operating range accommodates device lead trim and form variability such as device alignment accuracy and device lead coplanarity.

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