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20th May 2016
Joe Bush

The mobile data acquisition software, Telemotive Download Terminal, from Telemotive AG, has been made more convenient by now being integrated directly into Telemotive System Client, the central Windows client for all Telemotive products. There is no longer any need for a Linux computer, saving users time and money.

The benefits of Telemotive Download Terminal remain unchanged - the software automatically reads out the test data from connected blue PiraT data loggers, structures it on the basis of individually configurable specifications, and then sends it wherever it is needed within the company network. Telemotive Download Terminal is therefore a useful addition to all Telemotive data loggers - especially for globally used test fleets and test houses generating large amounts of data.

As a central user interface for all Telemotive products, Telemotive System Client is the main hub for features such as software updates and configuration of connected data loggers, and for downloading and converting test data. In addition, the continuously upgraded and improved Telemotive System Client is the platform for other customised software solutions such as Telemotive System Link - and now also Telemotive Download Terminal.

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