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Automatically measure and report environmental test conditions

30th November 2022
Sheryl Miles

CAMI Research, manufacturer of the CableEye automation-ready cable and harness test system, has released an environmental sensor option incorporating the Dracal PTH200 sensor.

Of particular interest to medical and defence applications, this option provides automatic measurement and reporting of environmental test conditions (temperature, relative humidity, pressure) alongside electrical function data for the cable, harness, or backplane under test. This option simplifies test and reporting procedures especially involving testing with environmental chambers.


A specialist in the development of PC-based cable and wire harness test systems, CAMI offers the CableEye suite of products complete with accessories – including auto-detected, plug-in connector boards for fast, convenient set-up and testing of standard cables. When pre-populated and pre-configured boards are used, the software automatically displays a graphic of the connectors in addition to the wiring under test. The tester can be readily programmed to do the same for custom boards and fixtures.

Testing your cables and wire harness assemblies is only part of the solution. By combining test, fault location, design, documentation, labelling, database storage, and automation in one instrument, your CableEye test and management system covers all the bases. Use for R&D, prototyping, production (batch testing, HMLV, LMHV), diagnostics, and design.

Set up your test station to perform multiple background tasks, including environmental data acquisition, all triggered automatically with a single click of a button or a barcode scan.

All CableEye testers ship with comprehensive software providing test functions, connectors database, graphic wiring display, reporting, data logging, automation scripting and many more features. Future-ready, this software is upgradable so that in twenty years, your system will have even more features than when it was purchased.

The new add-on option comprises custom software and a Dracal environmental sensor that connects to a USB port on the tester’s computer. CAMI’s accompanying custom software reads the data into variables within the main CableEye software. The basic option (Item 879) has a typical operating range and precision as noted in the table.

Availability & domestic US pricing

Available immediately, the basic Environmental Sensor option is $239 (Item 879). Contact CAMI Research to inquire about options with user-calibratable sensor (PTH200-CAL), or with precision (PTH420) or high precision and wider temperature range measurement (PTH450, -40°C to 125°C).

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