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Automated handler cuts cost of mobile IC test

28th November 2017
Mick Elliott

The M4171 handler from semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest has been developed to meet the mobile electronics market’s needs for cost-efficient thermal control testing of ICs with high power dissipation during device characterisation and pre-production bring up.

This portable, single-site handler automates device loading and unloading, thermal conditioning and binning in engineering labs, where most testing today involves manual device handling. It also features an active thermal control (ATC) capability typically available only on larger footprint, more costly production-volume handlers.

The M4171 can be used to remotely conduct device handling and thermal control from anywhere around the world through a network connection.

In addition to requiring fewer operators and lowering labor costs, this handler maximises system utilisation among working groups in different locations.

The combination of automated device handling, wide-temperature ATC capabilities from -45° C to 125° C and remote operation make the M4171 unique.

It can run multi-mode test processes (Single Insertion Multiple Temperature), automated testing, automatic ID testing, output tray re-testing and manual testing, both pre-defined and user defined.

The Tri Temp Technology on theM4171 enables the users to operate over a broad range of temperatures which greatly increases any lab’s efficiency.

The system uses direct device-surface contact, which enables quick temperature switching for fast ramp up and ramp down and improves cycle temperature testing by over 40% compared to manual thermal-control solutions.

The handler is compatible with the V93000 and T2000 platforms as well as other testers. Other features include a 2D code reader, a device rotator and a high contact force option. Operation is simple with an intuitive, easy-to-use GUI that includes pre-defined functions.

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