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ATE System features fully-integrated JTAG/Boundary Scan

16th November 2007
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Aeroflex has introduced the 5800 Series multi-configuration, multi-function Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) system with integrated JTAG/boundary scan capabilities. The 5800 Series will feature, as an option, the PXI-based SCANFLEX platform from GOEPEL electronic, a leading vendor of JTAG/boundary scan solutions.
The addition of boundary scan offers 5800 Series users the advantage of structural device, board and system-level test access throughout the whole product life cycle without the need for invasive bed-of-nail access. Combining the SCANFLEX hardware with the 5800s suite of digital cards provides further test coverage for a fully integrated solution. In addition to the improved test coverage, the benefits of boundary scan include reduced test cost and time-to-market. Boundary scan is commonly used for applications involving extended test and verification, or programming concurrent programmable logic devices or high-speed flash.

“We are very pleased to be integrating the SCANFLEX interface hardware into our 5800 Series,” said Simon Dawe, ATE product manager, Aeroflex. “The addition of GOEPEL’s efficient, high-speed architecture gives our 5800 Series customers access to professional, integrated boundary scan capabilities, providing them with even greater flexibility and ease of use than ever before.”

“Our SCANFLEX hardware is by far the most innovative system architecture available on the market,” said Richard Ainley, Sales Specialist for GOEPEL electronics Ltd. in the U.K. “SCANFLEX is the only JTAG/boundary scan hardware platform that fully implements the philosophy of extended JTAG/boundary scan in a modular, open and scalable environment. SCANFLEX is a perfect fit for Aeroflex’s 5800 Series in mid-range and high-end performance applications.”

The integrated GOEPEL hardware consists of a controller, a TAP (Test Access Port) Transceiver, TAP Interface Card (TIC) and distributed I/O modules. The SCANFLEX hardware will offer extended fault coverage for the 5800 Series by utilising digital and analog I/O modules, and the 5800 Series’ digital suite of cards. The controller’s architecture supports data rates of up to 80MHz on up to eight independent TAPs.

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