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Saelig Announces New 5-6000MHz Phase Noise Tester

20th June 2012
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Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the APPH6000RM-IS - an all-in-one comprehensive automated measurement system for evaluating RF signal sources. SSB phase noise, amplitude noise, AM noise measurement, additive or residual noise characterization, and baseband noise measurement up to 6GHz can easily be made for sources such as crystal oscillators, PLL synthesizers, clocks, phase-locked VCOs, DROs, and many others.

Direct access to a built-in FFT analyzer mode allows baseband signal and noise analysis. The APPH6000RM-IS features a cross-correlator engine and internal low noise reference sources to enable fast and accurate one-click measurements.

Fully automated frequency acquisition and self-calibration simplify the use and applicability of the APPH6000RM-IS, resulting in fast measurement throughput and operator ease-of-use. Using proven cross-correlation measurement procedures and self-calibration routines, reproducible and accurate measurements are obtained even under changing environmental conditions.

The APPH6000RM-IS's operation can also be facilitated using Ethernet 100BaseT LAN (VXI-11) or USB 2.0 host interfaces, or via a GPIB listen and talk option. A platform-independent intuitive graphical user interface is used to control the device from a PC, while an API library and powerful SCPI command language set is also available for custom test applications.

Designed to operate from external 6V DC (110V adapter provided) at up to 15,000 feet and 0 to 45 degC, the APPH6000RM-IS can be configured to meet user requirements: selectable internal or external reference source, phase detector models, and frequency offset ranges. Two-channel cross-correlation is also supported for lowest noise measurements down to -180 dBc/Hz. Applications include general purpose phase noise tests, crystal oscillator and VCO testing, PLL synthesizer locking and characterization, supply noise verification, and automated production testing.

Swiss-made by AnaPico AG, a leading-edge designer of RF sources and sampling systems, the compact and lightweight (9 lbs) APPH6000RM-IS is available now from AnaPico's USA distributor Saelig Company. Inc.

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