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Digital oscilloscope features MAUI touch screen

29th July 2015
Mick Elliott

The WaveSurfer 10 digital oscilloscope is the newest addition to Amplicon’s test and measurement portfolio. The instrument has a debug toolkit enabling complex analysis with minimal time and effort. The oscilloscope matches the performance of many higher-end oscilloscopes with a 1GHz bandwidth, 10GSa/s sampling rate and 10Mpts/ch memory depth.

It also has a wide range of functions and options available to the user, enabling versatility in a variety of testing and analysis applications.

Like other WaveSurfer models, Teledyne LeCroy’s WaveSurfer 10 uses the MAUI touch screen user-interface to create a tool that is innovative and accessible. The WaveSurfer 10 also has the option of an advanced debug toolkit, adding a number of features to make the WaveSurfer 10 an unrivalled tool for debugging and analysis.

Some of the functions and features that the toolkit adds include history mode waveform playback, allowing users to instantly scroll back to view any previously captured waveforms in order to locate events of interest or error sources, this ensures that no significant data is missed.

In addition there are 13 math operators and 2 math functions such as enveloped enhanced resolution, exp (base e), log (base 10) and reciprocal for complex analysis and faster troubleshooting. Distribution of measurements obtained from the oscilloscope can also be displayed through histicons, which have been auto scaled so outliners can not be missed and anomalies are easier to see in the data, as well as providing averages from readings for more reliable and accurate results from fluctuating readings.

The toolkit also adds 10GSa/s on all four channels, 16Mpts/ch memory that increases to 32Mpts/ch when using two channels and sequence mode segmented memory.


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