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Photonic Application Software for Next-Generation-Network Component Test from Agilent

25th March 2009
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Agilent has introduced a photonic application software suite that supports high accuracy and high-speed measurements in R&D and manufacturing of optical components and modules for the next generation network.
The Agilent N7700A photonic application suite, in combination with Agilent's industry-leading fiber-optic test instruments, helps manufacturers of optical components, modules and systems reduce capital and operating expenditures.

The high measurement speed enabled by Agilent's new multiport power meter and polarization technology ensures a drastic increase in device throughput. (Agilent acquired Adaptif Photonics' polarization technology in 2007.) The unparalleled measurement accuracy helps improve the yield on production lines. Special functions such as data-export filters and special software interfaces make it easier to integrate the software suite into existing infrastructures. An easy-to-configure report generator documents measurement results with the click of a button.

This software suite provides several measurement engines that cover a large variety of applications, including spectral IL/PDL test on broadband components and filters. Measurements on multiport components like Mux/Demux and splitters are supported with basically any number of ports. Special analysis capabilities such as Transverse Electrical/Transverse Magnetic loss help engineers optimize the design of their components.

Agilent's N7700A also includes a free-of-charge viewer software package that allows viewing and analyzing stored measurement data. Agilent designed this viewer to be used throughout entire development teams or manufacturing groups.

The N7700A photonic application suite is available via an Internet download and can be used immediately after installation through an initial trial period.

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