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Aeroflex launches single-box multi-RAT tester for multi-mode eHRPD/LTE handsets

17th June 2010
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Aeroflex announced the launch of a new option for the 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set that supports CDMA-based data standards such as Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO) and evolved High Rate Packet Data (eHRPD) as well as LTE-eHRPD hand-over.
As CDMA network operators migrate towards LTE, the devices used by their subscribers will need to operate with both the legacy EV-DO sectors of the network and those that have been upgraded to LTE, as well as being able to hand over seamlessly between them. Option 104 for the Aeroflex 7100 tester has been developed to allow testing of these multi-mode devices across all the standards they are required to support, and also to test hand-over between LTE and eHRPD.

The Aeroflex 7100 with Option 104 provides test capabilities for EV-DO Release 0, EV-DO Revision A and eHRPD, which is an important stepping stone in a CDMA and LTE network rollout. The deployed terminal devices will need to support all of these legacy standards, and could be required to operate in any one of the revisions of the CDMA standard. By supporting all of these standards in a single box, the 7100 provides manufacturers of both cellular terminals and chipsets with a simple unified test environment to fully test all the RATs supported by the device under test. Applications such as throughput for EV-DO Release 0, Rev A and eHRPD can be tested with just a simple parameter reconfiguration of the 7100, without any need to change test platforms. The test system also provides support for advanced multi-RAT handoff scenarios, such as eHRPD to LTE hand-down and system selection/re-selection testing, to verify correct device provisioning.

“The 7100 is already a market leader in LTE device test. Now it provides a single box test solution for multi-mode devices supporting the CDMA (3GPP2) and 3GPP LTE technologies, which are currently under development in readiness for the launch of the first LTE network in the USA by a leading CDMA operator,” commented Michael Thorpe, Product Manager at Aeroflex Test Solutions. “Since the initial LTE rollout will not be nationwide, it is very important for a device to be able to fall back from LTE to CDMA (eHRPD/EV-DO) for regional coverage in areas that do not yet support the LTE standard, and equally important to be able to test this fallback performance in order that a good user experience can be achieved.”

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