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ADLINK Technology Announces 16-/8-channel High-density Simultaneous Sampling PXI Data Acquisition Modules

13th September 2010
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ADLINK announced the release of the PXI-2022/2020 high-density simultaneous sampling PXI DAQ boards. As the latest addition to ADLINK’s extensive lineup of DAQ boards, the PXI-2022 and PXI-2020 provide 16-bit simultaneous sampling of devices at sample rates of 250 kS/s per channel across sixteen and eight channels, respectively.
The PXI-2022 and PXI-2020 are ideal for applications that require simultaneous sampling over multiple channels, such as advanced physical research, radar, sonar, ultrasonic measurements, car engine test and aircraft noise monitoring . Incorporation of the high-density PXI-2022 and PXI-2020 saves space and reduces the cost of developing PXI systems with multiple simultaneous DAQ modules.

The PXI-2022 and PXI-2020 feature flexible input ranges from ±2.5 V to ±10 V suitable for a wide range of applications. These boards also feature digital triggering, four digital I/O lines, and two 32-bit counter/timers. The PXI-2022 and PXI-2020 include drivers and SDK support for mainstream Windows operating systems, as well as third-party applications including LabVIEW® and MATLAB®.

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