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Absolute magnetic sensing head offers high resolution

7th December 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

Linear or rotative, absolute or incremental – the absolute magnetic sensing head AKS16 offers versatility and high resolution up to 18-bit. In conjunction with the corresponding scales BOGEN offers a cost-efficient solution for absolute measurement of linear and rotary motions.

AKS16 performs linear measurements up to 192mm. With six different diameters from 15 up to 60mm the AKS16 can scale rotary motions both radially and axially. The favored interface BiSS-C or SSI provides the absolute position for AKS16´s off-axis measuring head. Incremental signals are emitted parallel as encoder-typical ABZ-Signals or as commutation-signals.

With a resolution between 16 and 18-bit the hollow shaft encoder AKS16 surpasses conventional shaft encoders. Due to its little size BOGEN´s AKS16 can be plugged even into smallest installation space. Typical applications for the AKS16 are robots, industrial automation, life science industry and high tech applications in general.

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