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6 Power Management Features to Better Your In-Vehicle Applications

30th July 2013
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Most engineers and system integrators find it troublesome when installing car computers in their business vehicle. How often did hardware configuration or software programming take away from their business? Above all these worries, establishing steady power management becomes the most important issue before integrating the entire system. Acrosser’s In-Vehicle computer offers 6 stunning power management traits to overcome these difficulties.
Feature 1: Wide Range Power Input

Vehicles usually take 2 types of battery voltage: 12V or 24V. However, Acrosser’s power manage subsystem has a wide range for power inputs that cater to both batteries. This could also protect the system from unstable power surges during the vehicle’s operation.

Feature 2: Battery Monitoring

Large energy consumption may occur while operating the car computer. To prevent the power loss, Acrosser’s In-Vehicle computer offers low voltage protection to monitor the main battery. Once the voltage goes below its pre-set value, the computer will shut down and save the energy for vehicle use.

Feature 3: Power On/Off Retry

When the In-vehicle computer power on/off mode is controlled by the car ignition, it is impossible to turn off the ignition and turn it back on just to restart the computer. If the vehicle’s ignition switch did not power up the computer properly, Acrosser’s power management subsystem will automatically detect and monitor the system status to restart the system upon retry.

Feature 4: User-friendly Interface

Acrosser’s in-vehicle computer adopts user-friendly interface, allowing vehicle drivers to easily define its own power management according to their special needs. For instance, different industries may have little in common when setting its power delay time or on/off control mode. Resetting the default in-vehicle computer may take a long time, but that would not be the case if you are using a user-friendly interface.

Feature 5: Status LED

Most of the In-Vehicle computers are not equipped with displays, making them difficult for users to act when error occurs. Installed with status LED, Acrosser’s In-Vehicle computer precisely reflects its status quo to its user.

Feature 6: Power Delay Control

In case of zero power supply occurring after switching off the vehicle ignition, Acrosser’s “power delay control” function enables the In-vehicle computer can still operate for a short period after switching off. Therefore, the user may upload or synchronize data with control center and complete the task.

ACROSSER Technology has provided a complete product line for In-Vehicle computers. The product line also gained more attention after winning the 21th Taiwan Excellence Award with 2 outstanding In-Vehicle computers: AR-V6005FL and AR-V6100FL. Acrosser also released its latest in-vehicle computer, AIV-HM76V0FL during late 2012. The company pride itself in offering not just products, but solutions. Please contact ACROSSER Technology for further consultations, volume quotes, or any other questions.

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