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3D Inspection at NEPCON South China

30th July 2016
Peter Smith

Vi TECHNOLOGY will exhibit with WKK, American Tec and FTCL at NEPCON South China. Vi TECHNOLOGY will show the K Series3D, its new 3D AOI, coupled with PI series (3D SPI) and SIGMA Link, resulting in a complete 3D inspection solution. K Series3D is the latest evolution of the K Series that has been delivering accurate component inspection to worldwide leaders in the electronics manufacturing industry for years.

By combining its 2D AOI and 3D SPI experience with new proprietary technologies, the K Series3D delivers accurate all-around defect coverage including lifted components, lifted leads, tombstones, etc., for components up to 25mm in height. Coupling high quality telecentric 2D images with dual camera blue-laser-based 3D profiles guarantees superior inspection quality for both pre-reflow and post-reflow.

K Series3D also is available as a cost-effective 3D AOI upgrade to existing 5K, 7K and 9K systems.

PI Series, Vi TECHNOLOGY's 3D SPI system, has been recognized by the industry as the most innovative SPI product since the introduction of Moiré systems. PI's 360° Moiré technology offers a unique textural review image and outstanding performance and accuracy, through unambiguous Z referencing and warpage compensation.

PI is the only inspection system to program automatically. Solder paste and glue dots inspection quality is therefore independent on programmers' training.

For Smart Factories, SIGMA Link is the essential element to connect inspection machines to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). This real-time interface ensures full traceability and enables interlocking of machines to automate SMT lines while driving yields to new levels, specially required by the automotive, aerospace and defense sectors.



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