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2GHz modulation bandwidth option added to vector signal generator

25th February 2016
Mick Elliott

The new R&S SMW-B9 wideband baseband generation option provides leading-edge baseband capabilities to Rohde & Schwarz’s R&S SMW200A high-end vector signal generator. The new option extends RF modulation bandwidth to 2GHz enabling R&D engineers to generate signals with extreme wide bandwidth up to microwave frequencies.

The option can be integrated twice, which makes it possible to generate two independent wideband signals with any type of modulation up to 20GHz with one instrument.

These test setup capabilities support challenging applications in the aerospace & defence and wireless communication area. Developers of advanced radar systems and emerging communication standards such as 5G cellular and IEEE 802.11ad will be among the first beneficiaries.

In radar and aerospace designs, the 40GHz version of the R&S SMW200A enables users to completely cover the K and Ka bands.

The 2GHz RF modulation bandwidth makes it possible to generate dedicated pulses with minimised pulse width and rise time or linear frequency modulated signals up to 2GHz.

For development teams working on identifying potential 5G wireless access technologies, the R&S SMW200A equipped with option R&S SMW-K114 (5G Candidates) provides powerful capabilities in a single instrument.

Potential 5G candidate waveforms such as FBMC, UFMC, GFDM or f-OFDM can be created directly on the instrument allowing the user to analyse and understand design challenges.

Typical test scenarios such as co-existence tests with LTE or wide bandwidth 5G signal generation in the microwave range are now possible with one single unit.

The performance of the vector signal generator also makes the instrument ideal for developers of devices and components that must comply with IEEE 802.11ad, the latest WLAN standard.

The new option R&S SMW-K141 enables the generation of IEEE 802.11ad signals with a symbol rate of 1.76 Gsample/s in single carrier mode, requiring 2GHz of bandwidth.

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