White paper on neuromorphic analogue signal processing

20th June 2022
Sam Holland

POLYN Technology announces its white paper on how neuromorphic analogue signal processing (NASP) approach can mimic the human brain in IoT sensory systems and advance the sensor node paradigm.

The white paper, titled Neuromorphic Analog Implementation for Tiny AI Applications (pictured below) is available on the POLYN Technology website, at POLYN's website link here.

It explains the principles behind neuromorphic analog technology and how it achieves its capacity to 'think' like the brain, while at the same time performing at a level that uses minimal power and vastly reduces latency.

The white paper also examines use cases such as human activity recognition (for applications such as wearables for human health) and predictive maintenance (for areas such as Industry 4.0 and transportation).

POLYN Technology is an innovative provider of ultra-low-power-performance NASP technology and a producer of unique Tiny AI chips and their associated IP.

As Alexander Timofeev, CEO and Founder of POLYN Technology, explained it, “This paper shows how NASP technology provides the optimal answer to power consumption and computing latency challenges by dividing the solution into fixed analog neuromorphic and flexible digital parts.”

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