Vehicle occupant detection reference design

8th January 2020
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This reference design from Texas Instruments demonstrates the use of the AWR1642, single-chip mmWave sensor with integrated DSP, as a Vehicle Occupant Detection Sensor enabling the detection of life forms in a vehicle. This design provides a reference processing chain which runs on the C674x DSP, enabling the generation of a heat map to detect life forms in a Field of View (FOV) of ±60 degrees.

Today’s vehicles require robust and reliable information about the in-cabin occupancy. Smart airbag deployment systems, air condition controls, detecting children and disabled people left behind in vehicles relies upon this information.

The TIDEP-01001 provides a reference for creating a vehicle occupant detection application, using TI’s AWR1642 based on 77GHz mmWave radio-frequency complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (RFCMOS) technology. 

TI’s mmWave sensing devices integrate a 76-GHz to 81-GHz mmWave radar front end with ARM microcontroller (MCU) and TI DSP cores for single-chip systems.

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