Ultrasonic sensing water meter for provides superior performance

23rd October 2018
Alex Lynn


This reference design from Texas Instruments helps designers develop an ultrasonic water-metering subsystem using an integrated, ultrasonic sensing solution (USS) module, which provides superior metrology performance with low-power consumption and maximum integration. 

The design is based on the 256KB MSP430FR6047 microcontroller (MCU), with integrated high-speed, ADC-based, signal acquisition and an integrated low energy accelerator (LEA) to optimise digital signal processing.


  • Best-in-class metrology performance: 25-ps zero-flow drift (ZFD) and 32-ps single-shot standard deviation.
  • Low-power consumption: Approximately 2.5 μA with 1-MHz transducer at one measurement per second for metrology.
  • Flexibility to test different pipes and transducers; direct interface to pair of transducers.
  • Easy to test and customise using Ultrasonic Sensing Design Center graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Ultrasonic sensing software library includes time of flight (ToF) algorithms.
  • Standalone demo using liquid-crystal display (LCD).

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