Tracking reference design using mmWave radar sensor

16th October 2018
Alex Lynn

This reference design from Texas Instruments demonstrates the use of IWR1642, which is a single-chip mmWave radar sensor with integrated DSP for an indoor and outdoor people counting application. This reference design uses the IWR1642BOOST evaluation module (EVM) and integrates a complete radar processing chain onto the IWR1642 device. 

This solution can detect up to 250 objects, and point and track up to 20 people with a field of view (FOV) of ±60º in the azimuth (horizontal) plane.


  • Demonstration hardware and software using IWR1642 mmWave radar sensor for people counting.
  • mmWave technology provides range, velocity, and angle information ideal for environmental effects.
  • All detection and signal processing handled onboard the IWR1642; point cloud and object information streamed to PC for visualisation.
  • Azimuth field of view (FOV) of 120º across distance of 6 m (distance can be modified or extended with different chirp configurations).
  • Examples of implementation of static clutter and group tracking algorithms.

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